About the YMCA Wreath Sale

Once again it’s time for all Princesses, Guides, Questors, and Trailblazers to earn prizes by selling the famous South Hills/Cloverleaf YMCA Holiday Wreath to family, friends, and neighbors. If you haven’t sold wreaths before, this is the year to give it a go. It’s pretty easy to do—before you know it, you’ll have sold your first few wreaths and you’ll be itching to try for the higher prize levels. In this packet you’ll find everything you need for a successful sale. All you and your dad need to provide is a little time.

Why the wreath sale?
The fee you paid to join your father-child program covers the administration costs the YMCA incurs to run the program. It doesn’t pay for the activities you do. Many of those activities, such as the campouts, are paid for by the participants on a pay-as-you-go basis. Several activities don’t have fees, however, and they are funded by the proceeds of the wreath sale. Here is just some of what the Holiday Wreath Sale makes possible:

Ice Cream Night
Chule car kit subsidy
Camp Aim contribution

Snow Tubing
Campout activities
Princess Cup
Camp Aim contribution
Daddy Daughter Dance

Special activities
Gear needed for new events
Camp AIM contribution

For Trailblazers the proceeds are used for Camp Aim and to offset the costs of the group activities as the groups themselves determine.

Why should my dad and I participate?
First, you benefit from the Wreath Sale whether you sell wreaths or not. Second, helping to raise funds for Camp Aim is one of the ways you can help kids who face special challenges in life experience the fun and character-building aspects of camp that you have already experienced. Third, selling wreaths can be an educational experience. Fourth, it can be a fun activity to do with your dad. And fifth, you can earn some great patches and prizes!

Must we participate in the Wreath Sale?
No, there is no requirement that you participate. But, since only 20 to 30 percent of the program members sell wreaths, the remaining 70 to 80 percent aren’t helping to support the activities they benefit from. It would be wonderful if everyone sold at least one or two wreaths, perhaps to Mom or grandparents.

What if we just can’t participate this year?
Talk to your dad about buying a couple wreaths to give away as gifts. Or, since roughly 50% of the gross sales from the Wreath Sale goes to the programs, consider making a donation of $20-$30 to the Wreath Sale.

Can I earn prizes?
You sure can! The more wreaths you sell, the bigger the prizes you earn. The Prize List, included later in this packet, lists all the prizes available and how many wreaths you must sell to earn them. Understand that the prizes earned are based on the number of wreaths sold, not the dollar amount. Small wreaths count just as much as large wreaths. In fact, the small wreath is by far the most popular seller.

How do I handle payments from customers?
You can accept cash or checks from your customers. If they pay by check, they can make the check out to you or your dad, or to “South Hills YMCA.” If the checks are made out to you or your dad, you should first cash them at your bank and turn the cash in with your order. If you don’t want to handle all that cash on Drop-off Day, you can turn in your own check for the amount made out to “South Hills YMCA.” (Please note that we prefer cash, rather than checks, on Drop-off Day) For any customer checks made out directly to the YMCA, just turn them in with your order.